Grime has its origin in London in the early 2000s and is a genre of electronic music that draws influence from hip hop. Most people today in fact refer to grime as UK rap. The aggressive and jagged electronic sound is typified by fast 2-step breakbeats around 140 beats per minute. Before gaining mainstream recognition in the mid- 2010s, grime was mostly played in underground scenes and UK pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM, Freeze 92.7, Mission, and Déjà Vu FM. Characteristically, grime lyrics often contain disses about other musicians and as opposed to just simple performances, grime concerts feature rap battles between different performers.

Initially, artists in the grime scene did not brand it grime as the genre had diverse stylistic influences. As a result, different labels were attached to the genre including Eski beat, sub low, and 8bar. The artists honed their skills and attained underground success before advancing to the mainstream. In 2003, members of Roll Deep, a British grime crew, were among the first to bring attention to the genre to mainstream media . Wiley, the artist that founded the band, is the father of among the first tracks to be recognized as grime. These tracks include “Eskimo”, “Ice Rink” and “Igloo”.

Today, Grime has gained worldwide popularity and a lot of exposure from international television and radio stations. With more artists going into and dominating the genre over the years, grime has gained a wider reach. Some of the notable artists to look out for if you’re looking to get into listening to grime today are Skepta, Stormzy, Dave, Ghetts, Wretched 32, NSG, AJ Tracey, Lady Leshurr, and Little Simz.

The evolution of grime has been a remarkable journey from its beginnings in East London to surviving extinction in the late 2000s to currently topping UK charts and other charts worldwide. From the clarity and punch of the beats that give it a good groove down to the relatable lyricism, there is absolutely no reason to not give this genre a chance.

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