Electronic Music

The modern genre of electronic music spans numerous individual styles and techniques. Generally for a song to be considered electronic music, it is composed using only electronic instruments, typically making heavy use of digital synthesisers and drum machines.

The genre began to grow traction during the 1990s, particularly in the United Kingdom, when clubs playing only electronic music began to pop up around the country. Although electronic music had been around for some decades by that time, it was mostly seen as either purely experimental and was not necessarily produced for commercial consumption. Electronic music has continued to evolve and now spans dozens of individually identifiable genres, such as house or dubstep.

Sampling has become an important feature of electronic music with many artists now decided not to use digitally synthesised instruments in favour of hiring musicians to play real instruments and working those into their productions instead. This has been particularly evident since 2010 when new recording techniques made producing music much cheaper and easier, as well as the invention of social media, which has helped fellow musicians to communicate with one other and collaborate without having to ever meet in person.

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